Sunday, 29 July 2012

Streamlining of Blogs

Dear readers,

I am going to streamline my blogs so that it will be easier for everyone to follow.

As such, with effect from today, the previous 2y capital fund will be redesignate as a Real Estate Fund where i will share my thoughts, views and experiences on real estate investments in Singapore.

Let me summarise the various blogs and its purposes:

Singapore IPOs blog - views on new listings in Singapore.

Starfish SRS Fund - views on long term investments to create a portfolio generating passive income for retirement.

Ninja Master Fund - views on the stock markets and on specific stocks and shares listed in Singapore and elsewhere. May also include views on forex, M&A and any other trivial matters. It's a catch all blog :-P

2Y Real Estate Fund - views on the real estate market market and how to generate passive income and pursue financial freedom from it. I will share some personal experiences here. :-)

SQ travelogue - snippets of the places which i have been

If any of the blogs interest you, please subscribe to the emails or feeds directly so that you are only informed of topics that interest you.

Hope that by sharing my experiences, it will help both you and me in our pursuit of financial freedom.

Yours truly.

Tuesday, 24 July 2012

My thoughts on China Fishery Group

China Fishery Group has turned into a smelly salted fish. The chart broke the critical support level of 85 and is now at a new 52 week low. I hate making sweeping statements but once again, it has proven to me that we should be very very wary of Chinese companies. Just to name a few, China GaoXian, Sino Forest, China Hongxing, Hongwei Technologies are just one too many. Not to mention my previous article on China Taishan too (the share price is now 0.044 cents versus 0.10 when i last blog it)!  

Be careful of companies that have excellent 'financial results' but are always in need of cash for business expansion. They will forever be raising cash via placement issues or worse still, via high yield bonds and most importantly, they never pay dividends. 

Let me just share a few lessons which I have learnt the hard way in the past. If you can master the 3 things below, it will bode you well in your pursuit for financial freedom.

1.  Never trade on tips or insider news. 
2. Always know when and where to cut your losses (before you even enter a position).
3. Know yourself and do your homework.

 Blogging on the 3 lessons above will probably take me another few hours, unfortunately, i have many meetings tomorrow. Just spend some time to ponder on what i said and when i am free, i will elaborate on them in more details. 

Good night.

Monday, 16 July 2012

CapMallsAsia - Chart review

The CapMallsAsia chart looks interesting. It look likes correction is going to start and i quite like the set up for a "short" trade. First target is 1.55, followed by 1.45-1.50 range. The cut loss should be around the recent high.

Friday, 6 July 2012

SRS account - China Fishery Group

Bought some shares at 90c for my SRS account. Trading at FY2012 PE of 6x and yield of about 5%.  Analysts target below

Biosensors - still looking good.

Biosensors - accumulated this around 115 in June. Still looking good at this juncture and heading towards 130 target. Analysts targets enclosed for reference.

Yanlord - A potential short position if it continues to run?

This is just a test to see if I can blog more efficiently via iPad.
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