Saturday, 31 January 2009

Time to Start Trading...

Time to pick up trading again... I made a 2009 resolution to start trading after CNY. There were several reasons why I didnt trade for the last 3 months but I won't share them here since they are quite personal. My target is to make $20,000 for 2009 for this trading account which i am managing below and that will represent a 20% return on the $80,000 equity. The account below is purely a CFD trading account which i manage for a friend.

I made the first trade on Noble 29 Jan 2009 and closed off the position on 30 Jan 2009 and made a small profit of $500. Lets hope it is a good start for the year of the Ox. The current equity balance is $80,642.75. By sharing my equity curve online, i hope i can be 'less lazy' and more hardworking!!! hahaha.

My personal profit target for the entire year till 31 Dec 2009 is $50,000 (all my accounts combined). Let's see if that is achievable for a part time trader like me who sometimes have to suffer from poor IT infrastructure in office.

Wish everyone have a good Ox year ahead.

Watch the property market closely. Maybe can start looking again in the 2nd half of 2009.


Loh Hon Chun said...

Any sector you looking into currently?

2Y Capital said...

No particular sector for trading. Anything that can make $ is a good sector :P :)

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