Saturday, 31 January 2009

Time to Start Trading...

Time to pick up trading again... I made a 2009 resolution to start trading after CNY. There were several reasons why I didnt trade for the last 3 months but I won't share them here since they are quite personal. My target is to make $20,000 for 2009 for this trading account which i am managing below and that will represent a 20% return on the $80,000 equity. The account below is purely a CFD trading account which i manage for a friend.

I made the first trade on Noble 29 Jan 2009 and closed off the position on 30 Jan 2009 and made a small profit of $500. Lets hope it is a good start for the year of the Ox. The current equity balance is $80,642.75. By sharing my equity curve online, i hope i can be 'less lazy' and more hardworking!!! hahaha.

My personal profit target for the entire year till 31 Dec 2009 is $50,000 (all my accounts combined). Let's see if that is achievable for a part time trader like me who sometimes have to suffer from poor IT infrastructure in office.

Wish everyone have a good Ox year ahead.

Watch the property market closely. Maybe can start looking again in the 2nd half of 2009.

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