Sunday, 14 April 2013

Hedges Park Condominium

Today I visited the above condo show flat. It will be torn down next month and is almost fully sold with a few units left.

The remaining units are those on the lower floor. I picked #03-27 of about 1,076 square foot.

The developer is offering a 10% discount and the price is $957,060. The condo will TOP in about 2 years.

While I like the various themes and the many pools, I personally don't like the location.

This is a 99 year leasehold property. Most likely I believe the developer wants the plot back after 99 years. Most of the older development around that area such as Ballota is freehold.

In case you are not aware, the stroy goes like this. Hong Leong bought a very big piece of land here many many years ago and started dividing the area into smaller plots. It started to launch condos in this area using names of the flowers, starting with Azalea, then Ballota, then Carissa, Dahlia, Elderwise, Ferreria, G (can't remember the name) followed by Hedges... Some of the earlier launches are freehold condos.

Happy show flat visiting. :P


Anonymous said...

Curious since you listed a few negative points about Hedges (99 year whereas the others are FH, location not good etc) what made you purchase a unit there? $800+psf in the area is the normal price, not exactly a good discount?

Mr. IPO said...

No la. I "select" means I ask the person to show me the price of the unit. Sorry for the confusion. :). I never buy.

Deity Exmachina said...

This one is interesting lah! But I am focusing right at Foresque Residences as the matter of fact I am ready and set to transfer this year. But I can say that Hedges is also cool though.

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