Monday, 18 February 2008

A new office

Today is my first day at my new office. I have started a fund management company with a few "sleeping" partners and i spend the whole day fixing up my laptop, printer and packing my tables. Basically, I am on my own now and it is quite a different "experience" doing everything myself but i somewhat enjoyed it. While i have given up a huge chunk of my "fixed salary", i gained time and freedom as this is my own business now. After all, i used to have an IT department to take care of my computing needs, but now i have to even go down to Funan to buy one printer cable. Apparently, the cable is no longer included with the purchase of the printer! :(

I applied for 501 lots of Yongmao. Lets see if this IPO is worth the effort.


Unknown said...

We are also looking for a new office for sale in Singapore Like you, we need to settle a lot of things but we do hope that we can transfer smoothly once we found a nice one.

Unknown said...

Why settle in an office space if you can buy your own combined residential and office space. maybe can try at palms at sixth avenue.

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