Friday, 22 February 2008

Yongmao Allocation Result

Yongmao closed at 46 cents from its IPO price of 35 cents (+31%). Not a bad debut at all. It goes on to show that if the valuation is reasonable, the IPO debut will still be well supported. Anyway, my application was unsuccessful. :) Good for those who have gotten it. On closer look at the allocation result, it seemed that those who applied for 100 lots will stand a better chance of getting the shares than those who applied for 500 lots. Better luck next time :)


Anonymous said...

hi, wah u applied so much. i expected u to get it.

I skipped yongmao cause i thought market is volatile but the recent ipos have been doing quite well.

will look out for more of ur analysis for ipos. thanks

wish u better luck next time! dont give up.

2Y Capital said...

hahaha, i never give up on good IPOs :)

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