Wednesday, 12 March 2008

Out of Midas

Midas opened at 96 and went all the way to 98 before profit taking sets in. I put in a trailing stop at 95.5 cents after 9 am and was taken out at 95 cents when the price came down. A trailing stop is useful when I want to let my stock runs and maximize my trade but under such volatile trading conditions, it is always difficult to decide if you want the trailing stop to be close by or further away or to take the profit while Sun is out (it is raining heavily now at my office...)

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Deity Exmachina said...

Its funny how while I am reading this post of yours it is also raining outside our office. What a coincidence!I really love all of your articles! I remember reading one of your post and used it as a reference before investing on real estate and offices for rent in Singapore thanks for sharing informative articles! Hope to read more from you!

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