Friday, 21 March 2008

Life's crossroads

There are many defining moments in one's life and the decisions which one makes at that point in life will affect him or her for the rest of your lives. For example, which course to study at university, which job to take on after graduation, which guy or gal to marry, whether to have kids after marriage, should i take up the overseas posting, should i change my job, should i trade full time for a living..... etc.

Everyday, we are faced with decisions that will have an impact on our lives (like what to eat, where to eat) but on some days, the decisions will have a greater impact on our lives than others and i call them life defining decisions.

It was funny that in February i started my own fund management firm but in March, a global firm headhunted me back into the corporate world again. I found the global platform irresistable as it manages billions of dollars across various funds as as private equity, infrastructure, real estate, distress, etc and my little adventure to be my own boss came to a pre-mature end.

I am not one who shy away from making decisions and i firmly believe that each decision which i make will chart a new chapter in my life. And here I am again, charting a new chapter in my life and climbing the corporate ladder once again. The only difference is that i am there because i want to and hopefully, not to run the rat race again.

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