Monday, 14 April 2008

The Long and Short list

After scanning through the charts, this is my primitive 'long' and 'short' list based on today's closing prices without any consideration to its 'fundamentals'....

Long list:
Armstrong 29.5 cents
Beauty China 80.5 cents
Gallant 69.5 cents
IndoAgri $2.40
Metro Holdings 74.5 cents
SIA Eng $4.08
Wanxiang 13 cents

Short list:
Ausgroup 88 cents
Ascendas REIT $2.36
China Hong Xing 57.5 cents
China Sun 29.5 cents
Fibrechem 72.5 cents
Sinotech 69.5 cents
Tiong Woon 54.5 cents.

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