Monday, 19 May 2008


Last week was an extremely frustrating week for me. The new OCBC platform wasnt 'ready' and i missed 2 trades which i had wanted to buy and even "alerted" my trading group to look at it. First it was Celestial at 77.5 cents on last Thursday and KS Energy at 1.87 on last Friday. Urggh... in any case, i have resolved my log-in issues and managed to log into the new OCBC platform with the new user ID and passwords over the weekend and i am all ready to start trading and investing again.

I had lunch with a "semi-retired" remisier on Friday. He made a few millions last year investing in just a few stocks and he is only in his early 40s. Seems like i have a long way to go but i am working towards it.... He told me that his secret is to 'whack big big' in that few stocks which he has confidence in the management and has done thorough due diligence on the Company.

One good news that i have received in May was that the pre-ipo "J" investment which i have made in early Jan this year has submitted to SGX for listing approval. Hopefully, it will receives the "ETL" letter soon. "ETL" stands for Eligibility to List.... My plan is that once "J" is listed in June on SGX, i will be investing in another pre-IPO company.

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