Thursday, 14 August 2008

Formula One

I collected my Formula One "entrance pass" today for the Singapore Grand Prix. :) Let's be part of the historical moment in Singapore history! If you havent get the tickets, i think there are still some tickets available on the website.

I was watching the re-run of the Beijing 2008 Olympics Ceremony, if i have the tickets, i would have loved to attend the Opening ceremony. The entire show was majestic and grand and i think China sure have done herself proud. Some of my friends are in Beijing right now, watching some games "live" in action.... wish i am there... hahaha.. Anyway, one of my friend just came back froom the opening ceremony and showed me the goodie bag (similar to what we had for our national day celebration).

Olympic Goodie Bag

The goodies in the goodie bag for participants of the opening ceremony.

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