Friday, 1 August 2008

Portfolio Update - Exit Straits Asia

I am out of Straits Asia this morning at 273 (bought at 260) as it hit my trailing stops. Time to enjoy the weekend ahead.... i will watching the 2 Aug national day parade! Time to feel proud to be a SING-GA-POR LANG...

Portfolio Update

Celestial - This company really starts to irritate me... seems like i may have to cut loss soon if 725 gives way. The results announcement is coming up shortly...

Market Depth

I have not been trading actively since Nov last year and i lost my 'free entitlement' to market depth... I got that back in July this year. Yippee... feels like getting an arm back. As least i have better insights to the pre-opening and closing prices as well as better gauge where to place my buy and sell orders more effectively. iOCBC is the 'cheapest' way to get your market depth for free among all trading firms.

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