Wednesday, 24 September 2008



This is the first time i tried to use "chinese" to enter a blog entry and i must say that the software by sogou is really good. I stumpled about this software while searching an easy to use software for my dad and most importantly, this program is FREE!!!

I have also changed the delivery timing of my emails for this blog to 7am~9am slot to make the email subscribers receive the updates on this blog on a more timely manner.

I had coffee with a local boutique fund manager today and we were having a discussion on the current investment climate. It is boom time for PE firms (with cash) right now as the valuation of companies are cheap and instead of looking for pre-ipo deals, this particular fund manager is looking at listed S-chips that are trading at very cheap valuations and projected to grow at >30% over the next 2 to 3 years. This fund manager that i spoke to were looking at Sinotechfibre, China XLX and China HX. He didnt like China Sky though.

I must agree that pre-ipo market for Chinese companies are rather tough right now due to the low valuation of the S-chips. As you can see, the climate is so tough that there are hardly any IPOs launched and my last blog posting on Singapore IPOs was done on 27 Aug 2008! A check with MAS Opera showed that Zhenzhong Auto has been withdrawn! The IPO sentiments is so bad that many underwriters refused to "work" or launch the IPO unless the placements shares are already fully subscribed. (why call yourself underwriters in the first place?!?!, might as well change name to undertakers. hahaha)

I know of several IPO consultants who have to source for their own placees as well as for the 1,000 shareholders. And in order to entice "big placees" to take up the placement shares, the shares were also being offered at a slight discount to IPO price to ensure that the IPO can proceed and most of the time, this big placees are doing the IPO consultant and underwriter a favour so that they will remember them when the IPO market is "hot" again.


Loh Hon Chun said...

You can always install and use the one provided by Windows to write Chinese.

2Y Capital said...

kekek i know. but the Windows one cannot make it one...

Collin Yeo said...

Windows one quite ok mah.... i use Chinese(PRC) Quanpin

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