Sunday, 5 October 2008

URA Price Index

Source: URA quarterly updates

Ok. Finally what I have been waiting for.... the "downturn" in the private property market. As mentioned before, things move in "cycles" and property is no exception and if it is tradeable, you can probably 'trade' the URA private property index as well. I bought an investment property during the consolidation period in Q205 under the deferred payment scheme and sold it off in Q307 when the first sub-prime news came out. But while the stock market has crashed in 2008, the property market was still stable and laggging behind the stock market but it finally showed the first 'negative price growth' in Q3 08. My personal view is that the price will start to come down in the next few quarters and head towards the "140" levels. Remember to "save up" and dont miss the next property cycle. Happy investing and wishing you success in your pursuit of financial freedom.

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